lcsw vs psychologist reddit


lcsw vs psychologist reddit

Hello, I am interested in pursuing either an LCSW or LMFT or PSYD (clinical psychology) I really want to focus on therapy (individual and/or GROUP), counseling, private practice work, or hospital work like VA or govt, not too interested in doing social work.. It opens up many doors and opportunities. One of the concerns a lot of people have about entering therapy is discovering that something is wrong with them. 6 - If You Are a Licensed Psychologist in California, You Might Not Be a Licensed Psychologist in New York Admittedly, I probably should have known this. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Licensed Social Worker (LSW) often works to support families hurt by domestic abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and other issues. If you want straight counseling and only straight counseling, a LCSW or an LPC ( masters in counseling with license) should be fine. LCSW vs LMFT vs PSYD in California? The Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) seems on the surface to be functionally very similar to the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), and while this is true there are also some important differences both in terms of schooling required, as well as professional outlook and methods employed. Work with someone who has extensive training and education in Psychology.Start with doctors (PhD, PsyD), and if you can't find someone at that level, try Master's level (MFT, LCSW). Also, while NYU is your dream school, cost of living and attendance is very high. Ok, I have no way of actually knowing whether your therapist is a social worker, but I’m going to talk about what might make a social worker as a therapist different than other types of therapists. Training: Graduate courses on human behavior, psychotherapy, community resources. Therapists within each profession typically specialize in working with certain types of people. From there you must obtain a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree and then earn your state licensure. You can do this in any order - the most traditional route would be to get an MSW first, work for a few years to earn your LCSW, and then return for a PhD (in clinical, counseling, or school psychology, or social work). LCSW is the best license a social worker can have. - LCSW (which seems like a good alternative to getting a PsyD but I know that I really don't want to go into social work) - master's in human resources (because it would take only 3 semesters and I could probably earn a higher salary than i ever could as a psychologist, based on what I've heard) Can prescribe medications: No. LMFT vs. LCSW vs. LPCC vs. LEP (and PPS): The Alphabet Soup of Mental Health Professions in California Before beginning the search for a graduate program, you need to decide what license you ultimately want to hold--and in order to do that, you need to determine what scope of practice in the mental health services field appeals to you. Degree: MSW, LCSW. LCSW vs. LPC or LMHC. Social Worker. Will you be making $60k right away? Many people with an MSW get a PhD in social work; some get a PhD in clinical or counseling psychology (or school psychology). Maybe, but chances are you will start out less. Two years of graduate training, followed by two to three years of supervised clinical work. But when, after five years of practicing psychology in California , I decided to move to New York, I thought I could just apply for licensure in that state using the credentials I already held. PHD or Licensed Psychologist also do private practice, but in my area a large majority of them do competency testing and forensic evaluations. If you want versatility, I’d suggest the LCSW route. Social work vs. psychology: Education & training. Find a professional who specializes in anxiety.This means they have studied anxiety for many years and have kept up on the latest scientific research. $60k in NYC is much different than $60k in Columbus, Ohio, or anywhere for that matter. If you're interested in becoming a licensed clinical social worker, you'll first need to earn a bachelor's degree.

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