hoard sentence in english


hoard sentence in english

See more. Giga-fren. hoard in a sentence - Use "hoard" in a sentence 1. However, when the Great Depression hit, President Franklin Roosevelt made it against the law to hoard or be in possession of gold. The lost treasure hoard of the Wyrmlords is rumored to be hidden somewhere on the island.. As a noun, hoard means a large collection of objects or money. Hoard definition is - a supply or fund stored up and often hidden away. Back Leroy Hoard is as nimble as he is a bruiser. Examples: Grandfather has a hoard of old gold coins. The party later returned to Pahang with a rich hoard of game, fur and sandalwood, which impressed their neighbors.. Translations of the phrase hoard CASH from english to german and examples of the use of "hoard CASH" in a sentence with their translations: And households to hoard cash . The above sentence contains a pair of homophones; hoard and horde. The presence of coins or a coin-hoard in Germanic ship-burials suggests … VS. It becomes the universal material of contracts.” See examples of Hoard in English. Horde and order have four of the same letters in them. The local squire has been murdered by a thief in search of the squire's hoard of gold coins. In this sense, it is a synonym of stockpile or cache. Example sentences with "to hoard", translation memory. Hoard can be a noun or a verb. Red squirrels were more likely to hoard walnuts and acorns in larders or trees, whereas gray squirrels were more likely to scatter-hoard mast items. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "hoard" in a sentence The Courtesan apologetically confirms Onesiphorus' allegation, but is quick to point out that she told hoard that she didn't have any money when he first proposed. And he has zeroed in on Chrysler's cash hoard. translation and definition "to hoard", Dictionary English-English online. The above sentence contains a pair of homophones; hoard and horde. 2. How to Use "Hoard" The term "hoard" is derived from the Old English word hord, dated to the 10th century, which is found in the Anglo-Saxon poem "Beowulf. How to use hoard in a sentence. The other Toa confronted Sidorak’s Visorak hoard, and were able to convince Vakama to rejoin them.. Examples: a horde of people Hoard definition, a supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use, etc. Real sentences showing how to use Hoard correctly. Horde Definition: a vast multitude. Online Chinese-English dictionary with native speaker sound for each Chinese character, word and example sentences. "In the poem, Beowulf is an old man when he hears that a dragon who has a "room heaped high with treasure" has been angered by an enslaved man who stole a jeweled cup from his hoard. The homophones (as evident from the sentence) are two words that sound similar but have entirely different meanings. Apple’s hoard of overseas cash dwarfs the entire market capitalization of many of its competitors. Here are a few examples, By age 16, Merle had accumulated a massive hoard of baseball cards. : a vast hoard of silver. to hoard. 21.

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