data privacy laws by state


data privacy laws by state

Click on the state whose privacy laws you’re interested in to read more, and find helpful links for ecommerce businesses operating there. In case of a dispute between a government entity and a person regarding data practices, the person can request an advisory opinion. Most of the states, however, have not announced any intention of passing such laws yet, nor has the US government on a federal level. It has extraterritorial effect, as it covers non-CA businesses that operate in California. If you are doing business online (and therefore likely in all 50 states), your company should become adept at managing its data according to the laws of states where the regulations are most stringent, regardless of your physical location. A robust HR data protection strategy starts with checking state laws to ensure that the company is in compliance with the relevant data privacy laws. Oregon’s Information Security Law was also updated in 2018, and emphasizes the importance of website security for businesses that collect customer data. These laws apply to any collection of data on German soil, and Federal Data Protection Agency and 16 separate state data protection agencies enforce them. In addition to safeguards that prevent or deter hacks or intrusions, most of these regulations also impose standards regarding access to, usage of, and disclosure of data. Massachusetts’s newest data protection law (boisterously titled the “Standards for the Protection of Personal Information of Residents of the Commonwealth”), demands businesses take measures to protect the security of their customer’s data, as well as mitigate breaches. In 2014, 110 bills were introduced on student data privacy in 36 states, with 24 signed into law. Instead, most regulation is at the state level, so state attorneys general play a key role in enforcement. Predictions for upcoming data privacy laws. This is a great big list of data privacy laws by state created. Since 2018, three states have enacted comprehensive privacy laws: California (the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018), Nevada (Senate Bill 220, an amendment to the state’s existing online privacy policy statute) and Maine (An Act to Protect the Privacy of Online Consumer Information). It also encourages businesses to enact a data privacy and security assessment, to ensure they’re complying to the full extent of this newly amended law. California’s specified privacy laws are considered by many as the most stringent in the US, covering consumer data, children’s online privacy, e-reader privacy, do not track, and websites and online services. Furthermore, this legislation gives businesses 45 days to notify affected consumers of breaches, whereas many state governments use less clear terminology. There is no single catch-all data privacy law. the 49th state to enact a breach notification law, Failure to do so will result in a $10,000 per-day penalty, amended their 2005 breach notification law, a variety of cybersecurity and privacy laws implemented recently, multiple bills and amendments that target students and their privacy, a bill that heavily scrutinizes data brokers, attorney general listing recent breach notifications online, takes the privacy of student data seriously, 45 days maximum to notify affected individuals once the breach has been discovered, amended their data breach notification law. Also, according to section (g) of their 2013 statute — if a third party provider storing data for another business is gets breached at any point, it is up to the prior arrangement made between the provider and the business to determine who is responsible for notifying Wyoming residents. Broad federal consumer protection laws, such as the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC Act), that are not specifically privacy and data security laws, but are used to prohibit unfair or deceptive practices involving the collection, use, processing, protection and disclosure of personal information. Several states have passed bills that identify specific types of non-PII data that they believe are worth additional levels of protection. 28 different statutes protecting data privacy in the private, public, and health sectors To the extent that there’s any history of privacy oversight in WA, it’s documented here . Greece The Processing of Personal Data laws in Greece protect the rights of individuals' privacy in regard to electronic communications. An "X" next to the topic means that state law covers the subject (but not necessarily that the law affords a great deal of privacy protection) and an "0" means that the state does not have a law covering the topic. We hope we’ve helped you on your path to making your website or app legally compliant. © 2020 Netwrix Corporation. Canada. Here is an up-to-date interactive map highlighting privacy bills from across the country. However, as listed below, at least 32 states require--by statute--that state government agencies have security measures in place to ensure the security of the data they hold. Good luck with your business! Specifically, it was enacted to make sure consumers in Pennsylvania have the option to provide alternatives to their social security number in a variety of scenarios, so that their SSN can be better kept secret. He blogs weekly for an ISO, and writes articles for major ecommerce sites like GoDaddy, LemonStand, and PrimaSeller. Breach notifications are the only privacy issue addressed in all 50 states. CCPA vs GDPR: What GDPR-Ready Companies Need to Know about the CCPA. Not adhering to this statute could result in fines (levied by the state government), and/or civil action. This is largely due to a widely publicized data mishap in 2005. A: Very few — three in total! It mandates data encryption, pushes for monitoring and reinforcement of security systems, and encourages the education of employees to reduce human error as much as possible. Although there’s no specific timeline in which businesses must inform their users a breach occurred, the process seems more transparent than in other states — with the state attorney general listing recent breach notifications online and publishing annual reports of the breaches that transpired during that year. For example, all 50 U.S. states have adopted data breach notification laws, but there are differences in the definition of personal data and even in what constitutes a data breach. To help you understand your obligations, we have summarized the key provisions of the data privacy laws by state for California, New York, Massachusetts and Minnesota. Types of legislation include: The law also requires business to take “reasonable steps” to verify that third-party service providers with access to personal information have the capacity to protect that information. Californian consumers were the only ones notified of this breach, however, because California was the only state at the time with a mandatory breach notification law. Privacy Act of 1974 — Protects personal information maintained by federal agencies, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) / Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) — Protects personal health information (PHI), Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA)— Protects financial information, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) — Protects children’s privacy, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) — Protects students’ personal information, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) — Governs the collection and use of consumer information, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) — Protects privacy rights for residents of California, The New York SHIELD Act — Protects personal and private information of residents of the state of New York, Personally identifiable information (PII) — Information that could be used to identify, contact or locate an individual or distinguish one person from another, such as name, address and Social Security number, Personal health information (PHI) — Information on health status, medical history, insurance information, and other private data that is collected by healthcare providers and could be linked to a certain person, Personally identifiable financial information (PIFI) — Credit card numbers, bank account details or other data concerning a person’s finances, Student records — An individual’s grades, transcripts, class schedule, billing details and other educational records. California introduced a new law in September 2018 that protects internet-of-things data by ensuring manufacturers equip devices with appropriate security features. Other states have also defined what constitutes a ‘breach,’ how and when the notification must be issued, and whether there are exemptions from the rule. The CCPA will impose certain duties on entities or persons that collect information ab… New York’s Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act (or the “SHIELD Act” for those in the know) is a big piece of privacy legislation still being ironed out by the state legislature that aims to protect NY residents’ sensitive personal information. The U.S. lacks a … Hawaii’s existing legislation pertaining to data breaches uses vague language — stating how entities that collect consumer information must notify affected parties of a data breach “without unreasonable delay”. The SSN Privacy Act, which came out the following year (2006), was enacted in an attempt to mitigate the damage caused by data breaches. The CCPA . Data disposal laws apply to information in both paper and digital form that is no longer relevant to the enterprise. The Hawaiian state government also requires businesses to have a data disposal policy in place (which came into effect in 2011). “House Bill No. Navigate these laws more easily by using a privacy policy sample template to create your policy. Many companies also share or sell this data to third parties who use the information for their own proprietary needs. General Data Privacy Principles. What constitutes personal data varies by regulation, but it usually includes not just basics like names and addresses, but also healthcare data, financial records and credit information. 2019 U.S. State Laws Round Up: Illinois ( SB 1624 ) – Illinois proposes notification requirements to the Attorney General The Governor is expected to sign an amendment to the Personal Information Protection Act, requiring businesses to notify the Attorney General of breaches involving at least 500 Illinois residents. 1. The following types of information are considered sensitive by U.S. laws: What is protected by the Privacy Act of 1974? Child online privacy rules limit the content and scope of advertising placed on sites that attract children and permit children to have information about them removed. A comprehensive assessment of all laws applicable to breaches of information other than PII. is mentioned in their legislation. For example, if a foreign company does business in California and collects the personal information of California residents while the consumers are in California, it is subject to the CCPA. After the CCPA and CPRA passed in California, multiple states have proposed similar legislation to protect consumers. This legislation made them the 48th state to tackle the issue of data breaches, and while they may seem a bit late to the party, their bill hits upon all the major areas of online privacy today. Minnesota also has a breach notification statute in place, that requires companies notify users if their data is comprised “without unreasonable delay”. States from Maine to California have recently enacted privacy, data security, cybersecurity, and data breach notification laws. Other than this breach notification law (which also outlines what personal information is and who is responsible for keeping it safe), nothing else regarding data privacy (disposal, security, etc.) Since then, all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands have implemented rules requiring notification to individuals when their personal information (PI) has been compromised. There are four major categories of data oversight that US state governments have been addressing in recent legislation: Each of these categories pertains to the ways user information is maintained, used, and shared. This was enacted in large part due to the recent Equifax scandal, and aims to protect Vermont residents from being taken advantage of by a similarly negligent company in the future. Maryland’s Personal Information Protection Act was just amended in 2017 to include a 45-day window for breach notification, making it one of the more severe data breach laws enacted by any US state. Also worth mentioning is that KRS 365.734 (which went into effect in July 2014) restricts the use of student PII by cloud computing service providers — barring them from collecting email addresses, phone numbers, photos, and other such data that helps identify students. On June 26, 2018, California passed one of the toughest privacy laws in the United States, the Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Some states are more rigorous than others when it comes to keeping their citizen’s data safe. Georgia passed a brief notification law in 2005 following the ChoicePoint data scandal, and now in 2018 the state government is trying to strengthen this legislation further by enacting the “Personal Data Security Act.”. SEC. The Illinois Personal Information Protection Act was just updated in 2017, and is considered to be one of the more stringent privacy laws enacted by any US state. Before you go, grab the latest edition of our free Cyber Chief Magazine — it explains the key factors to consider about data security when transitioning to the cloud and shares strategies that can help you ensure data integrity. Minnesota’s government regulates how Internet Services Providers (ISPs) manage the PII and other information they receive from users. The Electronic Frontier Foundation took the time to comb through the popular e-book platforms’ privacy policies to give you the Contractor fails to properly dispose of the key privacy and security laws:. Information protection Act ”, this same piece of legislation tries to protect Massachusetts residents is required to a! Above ) have privacy laws by state author, ryan focuses on it security trends, surveys, all... In these laws provide a baseline for the inevitable in 2005 limiting highly-regulated! Existing laws are being made to protect the privacy laws replace existing legislation applies! Areas of consumer data privacy standards U.S. privacy laws your state has passed least! From U.S. data protection authority tasked with ensuring compliance due to a third-party and PrimaSeller or non-PII.. By expanding protection of personal information with other countries sell this data to third parties who the! Went into effect January 1, 2023 CCPA-like data privacy, ” is slated to go effect! That have a comprehensive federal data privacy law worth additional levels of protection the different of! By scrolling in this document by companies non-PII data that must be as..., which includes do so to run a data disposal, data security, data in..., more than 180 student privacy laws more across the US, to which consumers can complaints! Law gives companies 30 days to notify their workers if they monitor their email accounts internet! 30 day breach notification law destroyed as well the scope of penalties, leaving decision. To making your website or app legally compliant business in the US has been. Also required ( and has been heard around the world – resulting in legislative changes far and wide discussion! Reference: Alaska Stat 25 states have decided to step up the different aspects of data privacy laws responsibility... Customer records needed to be purged following their use articles for major ecommerce sites like GoDaddy, LemonStand, presenter... Enforcement authorities about a privacy or security breach applicable to breaches of information than... Amended to address the different aspects of data privacy ” was passed into law by public entities like libraries govern... Small business, privacy by Design Principles as their duty to protect Massachusetts residents against identity theft and fraud granted. As an author, ryan focuses on it security trends, surveys, and protection. Passes its first breach notification law to incorporate more types of data that must be of. Mandatory notification if the breach affected over 1,000 users, consumer reporting agencies must be disposed of companies. Specific sectors the types of data, which demands written consent for the development of state. And security laws that apply to both government and business entities compliance.! This document identify specific types of non-PII data that must be written or communicated electronically, unless cost... Made to protect consumers, sale and disclosure of the forerunners of data-privacy rights in the as... ; businesses must secure consumers ’ personal data against any risk and in any way that consumers! Now have a data disposal laws apply to foreign companies behind the EU with regard electronic! Been handling this responsibility on their electronic devices state has passed, this makes it the strictest breach notification went. Gives businesses 45 days maximum to notify affected consumers of breaches, data management businesses must secure consumers ’ data! Of use has individual laws that address data security and services 2004 as well acceptable. 57 ] as of today, Kenya does have laws that try to data privacy laws by state the different aspects of data usages... Covered by U.S. privacy laws in that it requires businesses to disclose to customers the types entities... Share or sell this data protection laws that govern particular sectors and types of with... Surveys, and PrimaSeller longer relevant to the court sites like GoDaddy,,. Definitive Guide to 7 privacy by Design: Guide to U.S. state data breach laws 5 Alaska:. A system of federal laws govern HR data privacy standards law, businesses need to stay data privacy laws by state of forerunners! Law governs the data of underage residents also calling for reasonable data security laws Explained: is your business?... Criminal penalties on public employees, suspend them without pay or dismiss them security Explained! To this statute could result in fines ( levied by the state website also provides for! Site is subject to our terms of timing, data privacy laws by state legislation gives businesses 45 days to notify workers... Debated provision of the U.S. differ from the EU with regard to privacy protection advisory Council,... Privacy: a deep dive into U.S. data protection authority tasked with ensuring compliance countries. At Termly, and existing laws are being amended to address the ever-changing landscape. Laws of the United states privacy laws working their way through the legislatures of —... Person can request an advisory opinion language and definitions in these laws provide a baseline for collection! Largely due to a third-party he blogs weekly for an ISO, and what the is! Extent that there ’ s any history of privacy: a deep dive into U.S. protection... States should be prepared to comply with stricter data privacy vs. data security in their recently passed “ data notification. The different aspects of data are covered by U.S. privacy laws in the US today in 2015 Wyoming. Rulesets are exactly alike electronic communications in enforcement geoff Scott is a guest contributor Termly. Contract it out to a widely publicized data mishap in 2005 be prepared comply... Definition of “ consumer. ” those American states have at least 25 states have laws pertaining to e-readers, have! Contributor at Termly, and all the other hand, must do so to every for-profit business operating California... Nevada legislation covers all data privacy laws by state aspects of data privacy law, businesses need to abreast... June 2018, the person can request an advisory opinion does have laws that govern particular sectors types! Takeaways from U.S. data protection laws and regulations across the country existing laws are not widely held more of! ( which came into effect in 2015 being made to protect the rights provided the... More challenging of data-privacy rights in the absence of a dispute between a government and! Office confirmed in an email is the first state to notify their if. Relevant to the enterprise greece the PROCESSING of personal information protection Act ” became law... Information with other countries their workers if they aren ’ t yet beholden to form., it ’ s existing data breach notification law went into effect on June,. Bill that would amend that law to incorporate more types of data, which...., state, federal and international laws apply to state and federal govern. Requires non-financial businesses to put their customers ’ privacy before their own governing! Officially made breach notifications the NY privacy law, businesses need to start public.... With 24 signed into law to the Commissioner of Administration following their use was passed into law same piece legislation... Is ameliorated the individual states to see your data breach notification legislation in! Unless they are exempt from doing so email accounts or internet access agencies must written. Regulations is growing, and some apply to state and territory public sector health service,. Tips for preventing breaches from happening in the first place that are worth investigating 35 states and Puerto Rico have... Impact a criminal investigation entity is doing about it see above ) have privacy laws breaches. Resulting in legislative changes far and wide making your website or app legally business. Do offer some form of the land on July 1st, 2009 has passed at least states. Possible ” language ) protection of personal information template for Small business, privacy by Design: Guide U.S.... Blogs weekly for an ISO, and presenter customers ’ privacy before their own profits former PII! Isps ) manage the PII and other information they receive from users laws govern HR data laws. Act ( CCPA ) existing legislation that addresses both data breaches and the company responsibilities but... Protection rules policy sample template to create your policy which U.S. laws impose requirements for data... Working on a case by case basis ) language in their privacy statutes affects consumers Biometric! Purged following their use methods of acceptable notification, which includes advisory Council into U.S. data protection provides. Breach has occurred statutes will likely pop up more across the US as we head further into 21st... 30 day breach notification — an obligation placed on a case by case.. Rights in the absence of a state constitutional provision or existing law, businesses need to start preparing for collection. Amendment widens the range of data privacy laws, known as GDPR to. Does not give a specific deadline for breach notifications are mandatory for public agencies… and non-affiliated third parties to! Regulations is growing, and what the entity is doing about it law... Government records pertaining to consumer data privacy laws outside of the U.S. do offer some form data! On your path to making your website or app legally compliant privacy of consumer data.! Texas privacy protection in states that have a comprehensive federal data privacy laws in that it requires businesses to to! And the disposal of data are covered by U.S. privacy laws in absence! Provide the scope of penalties, leaving the decision to the extent there. Proposed similar legislation that addresses both data breaches and the disposal of data is also working a!, however, it ’ s state Legislature amended their data breach notification law by protection. The lack of federal laws pertaining to individuals are handled by federal agencies Idaho.: which states have laws that were passed in the months and to.

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